• Question: What do you do the most?

    Asked by nicola on 29 Sep 2021. This question was also asked by even440bud.
    • Photo: Paul Adams

      Paul Adams answered on 29 Sep 2021:

      Luckily I do a lot of laboratory work and reading. So I spend a lot of time getting my own data, and reading about the work of other people to help me decide what I want to do!

    • Photo: Ferran Brosa Planella

      Ferran Brosa Planella answered on 29 Sep 2021:

      I don’t do experiments in the lab, all my experiments are on my computer. So I spend a lot of time working with my computer, and also having meetings with people.

    • Photo: Robert Astbury

      Robert Astbury answered on 29 Sep 2021:

      I am Process & Equipment Development Engineer for Emerson & Renwick – a industrial manufacturer producing large roll to roll machinery.

      they make machinery that is used to print wallpaper, specialised coating in atmosphere (battery electrodes), vacuum coating machinery and fin mill machinery (car head exchange radiators)

      my day to day job is to work with sales and new customers to help them develop thier ideas and test if they work on a smaller scale before they buy a much bigger machine.

    • Photo: Natasha Marchant

      Natasha Marchant answered on 29 Sep 2021:

      I spend a lot of time in the lab, running analysis!

    • Photo: Michael Hills

      Michael Hills answered on 29 Sep 2021:

      I spend lots of time making little batteries out of Lithium metal and our own material! They are the same size as a watch battery (Β£2 coin sized) and are very difficult to put together because of how small they are!

    • Photo: Sophia Constantinou

      Sophia Constantinou answered on 29 Sep 2021:

      I run the social media accounts for my company so I spend most of my time posting about battery science on social media! I get to learn a lot of interesting things and talk about them

    • Photo: Chris Muir

      Chris Muir answered on 29 Sep 2021:

      Computer Aided Design – CAD. I spent the majority of my time working with colleagues on 3D models, optimising function, mass, volume, before sending them out (with proper engineering drawings!) to be manufactured. I really enjoy using maths to work out the solution to a problem, then applying it to an actual part. There’s always a compromise to be made going from theory to real world!

    • Photo: Beatrice Browning

      Beatrice Browning answered on 29 Sep 2021:

      I make batteries the most, in little coin cells. Each coin cell is composed of a different type of material which I analyse before and after I have cycled the cells and observed their electrochemical behaviour.

    • Photo: Gabriel PΓ©rez

      Gabriel PΓ©rez answered on 29 Sep 2021:

      I literally shoot things with x-ray and neutron beams (sometimes I also use a muon beams!). Then I spend lots of time analysing the data produced by those “shooting” experiments.

    • Photo: Yige Sun

      Yige Sun answered on 29 Sep 2021: last edited 29 Sep 2021 6:14 pm

      At work, half of my time I am in the lab doing experiments and analysis. The other half I think about my own idea, read other’s work, and write. Besides work, I started to go to the gym since this summer. Need to get up early (eg. a training start from 7 am, or 8 am).

    • Photo: Rohin Titmarsh

      Rohin Titmarsh answered on 12 Oct 2021:

      I do a lot of work around the machines and equipment we use to make battery modules, when we aren’t building any. This includes maintenance, cleaning, inspections but the thing that takes up the most of my time is making battery modules and making sure they are safe. I also do a lot of simulation work using a computer.