• Question: how long have you been a scientist?

    Asked by mini mouse on 29 Sep 2021. This question was also asked by wage440bud, sent440buy, TREE123, yerk440buy, navy440buy, duty440bud.
    • Photo: Paul Adams

      Paul Adams answered on 29 Sep 2021:

      Ive been working in science and education since I left university so……22 years. Blimey, that makes me feel super old!

    • Photo: Robert Astbury

      Robert Astbury answered on 29 Sep 2021:

      Since Birth πŸ™‚ i’ve always been inquisitive and wanted to learn how things worked.

      Since university i have been working in science for 13 years.

    • Photo: Ferran Brosa Planella

      Ferran Brosa Planella answered on 29 Sep 2021:

      Depends on where you count I started being a scientist. I would say 4 years of PhD and 3 years in my current job, so 7 years in total.

    • Photo: Natasha Marchant

      Natasha Marchant answered on 29 Sep 2021:

      as Ferran said, it depends on when you count from! I did 4 years at Uni and 3 years in my job so 7 years

    • Photo: Enrico Petrucco

      Enrico Petrucco answered on 29 Sep 2021:

      Depends on what qualifications really matter. The first time I used the scientific method was before I could have understood it. As a child aged 6 I started collecting waste toiletry bottles (shampoo etc) and mixing together to see how bubble, colour, etc effected each other. My collection grew (in secret) until I realised someone else had another nearby collection (my brother at age 8) Turns out we’ve both become scientists and I have several colleagues with very similar stories!

    • Photo: Michael Hills

      Michael Hills answered on 29 Sep 2021:

      I’ve been working my current job for 1 year now, but studied for 5 at Uni before that. And before then a lifetime of asking questions and annoying family members to help in mad experiments.

    • Photo: Sophia Constantinou

      Sophia Constantinou answered on 29 Sep 2021:

      I studied chemistry at university for 4 years, I graduated this year and I’ve been in my science communication job for 3 months now! I’ve always loved science though, I used to read a lot of science books and watch a lot of science TV programs about animals when I was growing up

    • Photo: Gabriel PΓ©rez

      Gabriel PΓ©rez answered on 29 Sep 2021:

      If we count my PhD days it would be almost 6 years now.

    • Photo: Chris Muir

      Chris Muir answered on 29 Sep 2021:

      I remember finding science and technology the most interesting classes at school, and always wanting to tinker with things to find out how they work. As an employed engineer – just come up to 10 years!

    • Photo: Beatrice Browning

      Beatrice Browning answered on 29 Sep 2021:

      I feel like my answer is very similar to everyone else’s! Haha.

      I have always enjoyed science, but I guess I specialised when I started my chemistry degree. This was 6 years ago! It’s really cool to be able to call yourself a scientist πŸ™‚

    • Photo: Rohin Titmarsh

      Rohin Titmarsh answered on 29 Sep 2021:

      I’ve been doing my current job for just over 3 years. I used to work for a private company in the automotive industry but that wasn’t so much of an experiments and research job. I did that for about 3 years.

    • Photo: Yige Sun

      Yige Sun answered on 29 Sep 2021: last edited 29 Sep 2021 5:42 pm

      I have been working on this job for more than 2 years, before that, I was doing research in Japan for 4 years. So more than 6 years in total.