• Question: how did you become so interested in science

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    • Photo: Paul Adams

      Paul Adams answered on 29 Sep 2021:

      Both my parents did degrees in Science. So I suppose I was inspired by them in the first instance. On a more practical level, I much preferred the subjects in school where you found things out for yourself by doing experiments. Also I didn’t really like writing pages and pages of essays! I prefer to answer my own questions!

    • Photo: Robert Astbury

      Robert Astbury answered on 29 Sep 2021:

      From an early age i’ve always been fascinated with learning about science or space, as well as a love for engineering and how things work. Lego and computer games were my favorite things growing up.

    • Photo: Ferran Brosa Planella

      Ferran Brosa Planella answered on 29 Sep 2021:

      I don’t know… I have always been a very curious person so I guess my interest in science came naturally.

    • Photo: Enrico Petrucco

      Enrico Petrucco answered on 29 Sep 2021:

      I wanted to be a mathematician at age 10, but when I discovered Physics the lightbulb said “this is how the world works … fully described by maths and equations”. It was irresistible to expand my vision on what in-depth knowledge was ready to be captured.

    • Photo: Natasha Marchant

      Natasha Marchant answered on 29 Sep 2021:

      I just really enjoyed science at school. My dad also has a science/engineering career so he was keen for me to be interested in science, I remember him signing me up for some horrible science magazines – I did lots of cool at-home science experiments with that!

    • Photo: Michael Hills

      Michael Hills answered on 29 Sep 2021:

      I always was intrigued as a child, but when I was in high school I took an opportunity to work in a lab over summer to get a flavour of what science was really like. The Professor was really supportive to me and inspired me to go to University for Chemistry! The rest is history

    • Photo: Sophia Constantinou

      Sophia Constantinou answered on 29 Sep 2021:

      When I was growing up I was really interested in animals! I lived near a zoo so I went there all the time and asked the zookeepers questions about the habitats the animals lived in. That inspired me to read lots of science-y books and watch science TV programs! In the future I’d love to be a TV presenter for science shows and inspire young people to become scientists

    • Photo: Gabriel Pérez

      Gabriel Pérez answered on 29 Sep 2021:

      I have always been very curious about everything, and since the scientific method is arguably the best way to satisfy our curiosity I decided to pursue it as a career! I was also inspired by natural world focused TV documentaries such as “Cosmos: A space Time Odyssey” and “Planet Earth”.

    • Photo: Chris Muir

      Chris Muir answered on 29 Sep 2021:

      I really enjoyed the topics that science happens to cover. Things like space, electronics, mechanics. The maths and science behind it all to me are just a framework of tools for solving problems or understanding how everything works. Science is interesting to me because of the end result of what it can tell you, not the actual process itself.

    • Photo: Beatrice Browning

      Beatrice Browning answered on 29 Sep 2021:

      Soooo I never had any direct role models who pushed me to study science, but I have always been really inquisitive. My parents have always really encouraged me to ask questions when I am curious, which is what science is all about! Once I started studying (and really enjoying) chemistry, I found out about all of the avenues that chemistry could take me. This really inspired me to get excited about science!

    • Photo: Rohin Titmarsh

      Rohin Titmarsh answered on 29 Sep 2021:

      I’m really into formula 1 and have been since I was a teenager. Originally when I was looking at careers I thought, I just want to go work in a formula 1 team. In year 10 we had a work experience week and I couldn’t get to any teams but one of my neighbours worked at a research centre for BP. He took me there for a week and after seeing all the experiments they do and all the amazing facilities and equipment they have I knew I wanted to go do engineering. When I was doing my degree we learned about lots of other careers and ways engineers help people so I pursued other jobs and causes. After a couple of years I knew I wanted to be at the forefront of technology and research, and to be able to experiment and figure things out without it “just being a job”.

    • Photo: Yige Sun

      Yige Sun answered on 29 Sep 2021:

      When I was 10 I wanted to be a painter since I like my teacher who has been so patient with me. Then during middle school, I met the most fabulous mathematics teacher in this world. She encouraged me to talk, communicate, and was happy to answer any questions that I have (not only about mathematics). She taught me to be brave. Then I think I start to like science more and more. btw, I was shy as a kid, but quite chatty now. lol